How to Reduce Thigh Fat


How to reduce thigh fat

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Are you embarrassed by your "too large" thighs? Do you cringe when someone mentions the beach because you might have to wear swimwear? Then, join the thousands of women just like you who want to learn how to reduce thigh fat in time for summer.

Yes, You Can Find How to Reduce Thigh Fat Without Drastic Measures!

It's no secret that thighs introduce a "problem area" common with women.

Many females accumulate fat on their upper legs. And, this becomes more relevant especially as we age. The good news is, you'll find several effective strategies you can use to reduce thigh fat.

So, take a moment to learn simple ways of how to reduce thigh fat through a combination of 3 strategies:

  1. Diet
  2. Cardio
  3. Strength training

How to Reduce Thigh Fat with Exercise

Do exercises really reduce thigh fat?

Truth is, you can leg press until you're blue in the face with no real solution to your thigh fat issues.

Yes, you will develop muscles below the leg fat but your thighs will remain pretty much as they are.

So, how do you reduce thigh fat through exercise? Simply put, do regular cardio type exercises to slim down your thighs.

Why Do Cardio Workouts Work So Well?

First, a good cardio workout helps keep your heart pumping. In turn, this starts your blood flowing too.

And, a pumping heart along with good blood flow creates an increase in metabolism. Then, this fast metabolism quickly turns your calories into energy.

This way, you get real use from your food instead of storing extra fat around the thighs. Simple, huh?

What Does The American Council on Exercise Say about Cardio Exercises?

The A-C-E recommends up to 3/5 hours of cardio exercise each and every week.

This is a suggestion. But, if you really want to lose thigh fat quicker, 4 to 6 hours might be necessary.

For extra thigh toning, concentrate more on leg exercises. These include...

  • stair-climbing
  • jogging
  • kick-boxing
  • and even walking

Many local gyms & fitness centers offer group exercise classes. Check to see if they incorporate cardio kick-boxing moves in their programs.

Take a Brisk Walk

First, modify your jogging or walking routine to reach your goals. If you really want low-impact, try walking or jogging in a swimming pool. Or, if you live near the beach, jog or walk there in the sand to increase your results.

Diet Can Help Reduce Thigh Fat

Cardio works great as you can see. But, there's more than one way to reduce fat thighs including changing your diet.

Okay, in today's world we enjoy our share of foods high in fat content. If you don't, that's wonderful. Skip this part!

But, you will keep your thigh fat if you eat foods that are:

  • high in saturated fat
  • sugars
  • or sodium (salt)

These foods remain highly unhealthy and cause you to retain fluid and fat. If you have fat thighs through genetics, you're in big trouble when you include them in your diet.

Eat MORE Meals - WHAT?

Did you know that eating five or six smaller meals per day increases your metabolism?

And, eating this way helps you avoid the "stop-and-start" effect caused by eating 3 large meals.

So, start this simple eating habit to keep your metabolism working for you - all day long.

Yes - Those "Dreaded" Veggies!

Seems you can't read a fat loss article without veggies sneaking into the post, right? Well, it's just a fact of life you need to eat vegetables and lean protein daily.

Try to eat some vegetables at each meal along with lean protein foods.

And, for in-between, take in plenty of..

  • nuts
  • fruits
  • & low-fat dairy products (like 2% or skim milk)

Never go longer than 3 hours without a meal or a snack. And, eat some good carbs like whole-grain pasta if you plan to do a heavy workout. Keep your thigh fat in check but remain healthy in the process.

What about Good Old H2O?

Hydration is also crucial for fat loss. Drink plenty of water throughout the day. You'll need at least 64 ounces to keep your metabolism as fast as possible.

There are other ways to reduce thigh fat through diet. Keep reading...

How to Lose Fat around Thighs with Strength Training

Yes, exercising helps reduce thigh fat and works quite effectively. But strength training can cut the amount of time it takes to shed the weight - and your thighs.

This type program trims your thighs with lean muscle building. First, most people know that muscle is more dense than fat. Why? Because, muscle uses less room and looks sleeker at the same time.

Also, muscle tissue burns more calories. So, if you build up a good amount of muscle tissue, more calories are burnt. And, this happens all day long, even while you're asleep.

What Strength Building Exercises Work Best for Reduction of Thigh Fat?

Well, a percentage of strength-building exercises expressly target the thighs. These exercises include:

  • leg presses
  • lunges
  • and leg curls.

Some fitness coaches urge you to do lunges while carrying dumbbells to gain extra strength.

But, as I've mentioned in other posts, using weights can slow down your routine and make you tire out faster. So, try both ways and decide which works best for you.

But, I Don't Like the Gym! You don't Have to Go..

Okay, if you've wondered how to reduce thigh fat without hitting the gym, here it is!

With just a little imagination, you'll find alternatives to visiting the gym to build strength. If you are more of a DIY person, try some exercises you can do at home. Three of these thigh exercises are:

  1. Leg lifts
  2. Wall-sits
  3. Yoga

You can certainly do wall-sits and leg lifts practically anywhere.

Do the exercises above until you feel your thigh muscles get a bit weak. Actually, they should tremble a little.

But, be sure to do your strength training every other day and rest your legs in between sessions. This improves results and you're not overdoing your exercises.

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I hope you learned how to reduce thigh fat and will take action. Remember, all the weight loss tips for women listed here only work if you do. So, start slow if you have to. Then, work your way up to awesome thighs and legs! - Bob

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